You can now test Microsoft’s “Your Phone” tool to connect your Android device to Windows 10

9:26 AM

As technology has progressed, we’ve watched as things have become easier and easier to connect and work together. With the rise of smartphones, a demand grew for wanting to share content to desktops, laptops, tablets, and more. A result of this demand is why the Chromecast has been so successful for Google. Connecting Android to Windows devices has always been a challenge, and that allowed for applications like Pushbullet and Join to garner millions of downloads. Microsoft’s solution to this feature is a tool they have dubbed “Your Phone,” and you can now test it on devices that are running the latest build of Windows 10.

This is something that Microsoft could have solved a decade ago when smartphones began trending to what they are today. However, they were a bit unorganized at that time and once they figured out a plan the company wanted to use the feature as a selling point for Windows Phones. As we all know, the whole Windows Phone project didn’t turn out to be all that it was built up to be. Since its demise, we have watched as Microsoft has begun focusing a lot of their attention on the Android and iOS platforms.

We first heard about Microsoft’s technology to connect smartphones to Windows 10 devices just a few months ago. The company included support for this application in their Windows 10 Insiders builds last month, but now the Your Phone app is available to all Windows 10 users. Windows 10 users will have to be on the April 2018 build or later for it to work. As of right now it only supports Android. Features at this time are limited as well with it only allowing you to drag and drop photos from a smartphone to the PC.

Microsoft has announced they will be expanding the feature set of Your Phone to also include support for text message sync and notification mirroring in the future. They have also said the program will support iOS in the future as well, but details about this support have been very sparse right now.

Via: The Verge
Source: Microsoft Store

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You can now test Microsoft’s “Your Phone” tool to connect your Android device to Windows 10 You can now test Microsoft’s “Your Phone” tool to connect your Android device to Windows 10 Reviewed by SocialDr. on 9:26 AM Rating: 5

What Problems Does E-Mail Marketing Automation Solve

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What Problems Does E-Mail Marketing Automation Solve

What Problems Does E-Mail Marketing Automation Solve?

Actually, it depends! The determinative factor here is your aim. Your aim consists of tasks to be solved.

The aim can’t be just automating your workflow and increasing ROI, that’s why give this a great deal of thought.

Too many marketers today consider marketing automation to be a panacea for their business.
They truly believe it will bring them thousands of dollars in no time when they tip back in an armchair. This won’t do! If you’ve ever tried to grow a flower, you certainly know that you have to set it, water and batten routinely as well as transplant. In case you do all these things at once and the same way with all the flowers – they will die. The same is true for email marketing. It’s a complete failure to treat your customers as your mailing list contacts. To get more revenue and income, one should really spend much time, money and effort for establishing long-termed relationships.

Email marketing automation helps solve the following tasks:

  • Send relevant content to every subscriber

Bulk email sent to the entire mailing list is the ghost from a long-forgotten past. Valuable and relevant content here is out of the question. Your email campaigns are to meet your customers’ needs if you want to build long-lasting relationships with them. Men and women, teens and grown-ups shouldn’t receive the same content. There is a wide choiсe of marketing technics today to discover your clients’ preferences. If you don’t use them, email marketing automation will never help your business. Try smart personalization, segmentation and check out the results!

  • Automate email campaign sending

If you already know your subscribers’ needs and preferences, created the corresponding segments and worked out your strategy, email marketing automation will help you automate the workflow, avoid postponements and save time.

  • Send event-based emails

This is the main advantage of automated email marketing. Subscribers receive an email as a response to their action. Subscribed? A welcome email is sent. Made an order? Order confirmation email is sent. Haven’t opened your emails for a long time? Reactivation campaign is sent. Every next email is predetermined by a user’s action. It ensures personalized approach.
  • Monitor the interaction with every client

You can discover both main email marketing metrics and client’s interaction with your brand. Check out the number of emails opened, clicked, marked as spam, bounced. Discover the most loyal customers who often read from you and buy, and passive users not even reading your emails. This will give you more insights into your work, provide with fresh ideas on how to optimize your email marketing.
Now you’re acquainted with the benefits of marketing automation. If you’ve worked out a strategy, you can look for a service providing you with marketing automation tools.

  • Marketing automation platform

It’s not a big problem to find a service offering this feature as most of them provide with the same tools. We’ve made a research and found a service that allows to use marketing automation for the lowest price ever, and this is SendPulse.

What is SendPulse?

SendPulse is a platform for marketing automation, lead generation and maintaining relationships with them. The thing which makes it stand out from the rest is multi-channel options for communication.

In SendPulse, you can keep in touch with your subscribers via email, web push notifications, SMS, and Viber. Besides, you can use all these channels within one campaign to reach out to more users.

Want more?

Web push notifications in this service are free forever without any limitations. Besides, there is a generous free pricing plan – 15,000 emails to less than 2,500 subscribers monthly. If you have a small business, you can use the service for free.
But we are sure you’ll be tempted by its advanced features that include marketing automation.

Email marketing automation in SendPulse is available on the cheapest pricing plan. If you have 2500 subscribers, the price is $9.85, if up to 3000 – $29.

Картинки по запросу sendpulse price

If compare, in MailChimp you’ll have to pay $25 for 2000 subscribers and $40 for 2600 subscribers.

Automation 360

Automation 360allows to send emails triggered by events, using filters and conditions for better segmentation.

How does Automation 360 work?

The feature works according to the pre-defined events. Add the event you need, for example, a purchase and the service generates a specific URL. Then start creating an automation flow.

Below is the working field. As you see, there are 7 blocks to use. Firstly, you have to choose an event when your flow starts, I chose adding a subscriber to a mailing list.

Then, drag the blocks to your field. You can use email, SMS and web push within one flow. I decided to send a welcome email after a user subscribes. Then I applied Filter in order to segment leads by gender. After that, I sent different offers for men and women. I used Goal block to stop the series if it’s triggered. If users made an order, I sent them confirmation email and SMS with shipping status. When my subscribers hadn’t opened my email for a long time, I sent them a reactivation campaign and set the condition. Those who had followed the link – got a special discount on their purchase. I also used Action block to add passive subscribers to the corresponding mailing list and remove those who hadn’t followed the link from the reactivation email. It helped me manage my mailing lists and keep them updated.

Automation 360 also allows to send web push notifications, for this purpose you need the users’ permission to receive them.

SendPulse has lots of nice and responsive email templates for your campaigns; they will look great at any screen resolution. Monitor conversions after every email sent. There are 2 options: you can either do it with Goal block or select “Stop series by event” when creating an event. This way, if you decide to stop series when a user buys, every purchase will be counted as a conversion.

SendPulse offers 4 predefined events for marketing automation: registration, purchase, abandoned cart and custom event. They allow to plan your work ahead and create advanced automation flows.

Sending automated emails is available on paid plans only, but you can create a flow for free to test the marketing automation tools provided by a service.


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Cameras can catch cars that run red lights, but that doesn't make streets safer

9:25 AM

The automobile is a killer. In the U.S., 36,675 people died in traffic accidents in 2014. The year before, 2.3 million people were injured in traffic accidents.

During the past decade, over 438 U.S. municipalities, including 36 of the 50 most populous cities, have employed electronic monitoring programs in order to reduce the number of accidents. Red light camera programs specifically target drivers that run red lights.

In a study I co-authored with economist Paul J. Fisher, we examined all police-recorded traffic accidents for three large Texas cities over a 12-year period – hundreds of thousands of accidents. We found no evidence that red light cameras improve public safety. They don’t reduce the total number of vehicle accidents, the total number of individuals injured in accidents or the total number of incapacitating injuries that involve ambulance transport to a hospital.

Red light cameras

In a red light camera program, a camera is installed in a location where it can take photos or video of vehicles as they pass through the intersection. City employees or private contractors then review the photos. If a vehicle is in the intersection when the light is red, then a ticket is sent to the person who registered the vehicle.

These programs aim to reduce cross-street collisions. The idea is that drivers, fearing a higher chance that they will be fined, will be more likely to stop, lowering the number of angle, or “T-bone,” accidents.

Evidence clearly shows that camera programs are effective at decreasing the number of vehicles running red lights. In one study in Virginia, red light cameras reduced the number of total drivers running red lights by 67 percent.

However, cameras can have contradictory effects on traffic safety. Some drivers who would have otherwise continued to proceed through the intersection when the light is yellow or red will now attempt to stop. That means that the number of accidents caused by vehicles not stopping at a red light will likely decrease.

But the number of accidents from stopping at a red light – such as rear-end accidents – is likely to increase. That’s not an inconsequential side effect. Some drivers will attempt to stop, accepting a higher risk of a non-angle accident like getting rear-ended, in order to avoid the expected fine.

The overall effect of a camera program on vehicle accidents and injuries depends on the net impact of these two effects. Overall driver safety could increase or decrease.

Our study

In our study, we focused on Houston, a major U.S. city that operated a large camera program at 66 intersections between 2006 and 2010.

One reason we chose Houston is to take advantage of the natural experiment that occurred when city residents passed a referendum in November 2010 to ban the cameras.

We accessed detailed accident information on every traffic accident in Texas from 2003 to 2014 through a public records information request. The data included the accident’s precise geocoded location; the type of accident; whether the driver ran a red light; and details on any injuries.

When the Houston cameras were removed, angle accidents increased by 26 percent. However, all other types of accidents decreased by 18 percent. Approximately one-third of all Houston intersection accidents are angle accidents. This suggests that the program’s drawbacks canceled out its benefits.

Our study showed no evidence that cameras reduce the total number of accidents. We estimate that total accidents are reduced by a statistically insignificant 3 percent after the cameras are turned off.

Likewise, there’s no evidence that the camera program reduced the number of traffic-related injuries or the likelihood of incurring an incapacitating injury.

The elevated number of traffic accidents at urban intersections is a serious public health issue. But our study shows that Houston’s camera program was ineffective in improving traffic safety. Electronic monitoring is not the solution.

Cameras can catch cars that run red lights, but that doesn't make streets safer Cameras can catch cars that run red lights, but that doesn't make streets safer Reviewed by SocialDr. on 9:25 AM Rating: 5

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked Lost Million of Dollars

9:25 AM

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked Lose In Million of Dollars

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked Lost Million of Dollars

The South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange ‘CoinRail’ Hacked and Lost $42 Million. The company wallet address has linked to an cyber attacker and stole $42 Million worth of cryptocurrency.

According to recent CyberSecurity report, more than 1 Billion dollar worth of cryptocurrency has been hacked in the first half of this year.

People are panic selling their alt coins after the Bitcoin price down, it might be the reason of Bitcoin Price is downtrend to a two-month low price.

You can see the real time Market updates here 

The company website has suspended its services after the cyber attack on its exchange. In the statement said,

“Hello, this is coin rail. 
On June 10, there was a system check due to the hacking attempt at dawn.

At present, we have confirmed that 70% of the coin rail total coin / token reserves are safely stored I moved to a cold wallet and it’s being saved. 

Two-thirds of the coins confirmed to have been leaked are covered by freezing / recalling through consultation with each coach and related exchanges. The remaining one-third of coins are being investigated with investigators, relevant exchanges and coin developers.

Among the spilled coins, the token that has been completed is shown below.
• Fundus X (NPXS), Aston (ATX), and Enper (NPER): Freeze 
All assets of CoinRail, which have not been leaked, are moved to a cold wallet and are kept safe, and transactions and withdrawals will resume after stabilizing the service. We will update the announcement when possible.

The exact damage of the leaked coin / token is currently being confirmed, which may require some time to be taken with the coin. Also, please understand that all related matters are difficult to share all progress to exclude all possibilities that may interfere with the investigation due to investigation by police agencies.

Coin Rail is committed to maximizing the protection of your assets, minimizing the damage and recovery, and cooperating with criminal investigation agencies in order to catch hackers as criminal measures. At the same time, keep in close contact with the coin developers and follow up We are discussing. The updated contents will be announced on the homepage continuously.

I will apologize for any inconvenience, and I will do my utmost to resolve it sooner. Once again, I sincerely apologize.

Thank you. 
Coin rail dream”

It is the biggest cyber attack on crypto exchanges after CoinCheck, which was hacked earlier this year. According to Google trends, Bitcoin search volume is 75 percent down as comparison to last year.

HOC is arising question here, how these exchanges are more secure, people are investing their lifetime money with trust. But after one by one exchanges are getting hacked.

Crypto exchanges should be start Bug Bounty program to secure their website.

South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked Lost Million of Dollars South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked Lost Million of Dollars Reviewed by SocialDr. on 9:25 AM Rating: 5

OneDrive makes it easier to backup your desktop clutter

6:56 AM

To enable to feature go to OneDrive settings on Windows 10, choose the Auto Save tab and select the “update folders” button under “protect your important folders”, then choose which folders you want to be backed up. Then you can rest easy in the knowledge that your stuff is protected. It’s a pretty basic feature, really, and one many will be surprised wasn’t already part of OneDrive, but better it arrives sooner than later.

OneDrive makes it easier to backup your desktop clutter OneDrive makes it easier to backup your desktop clutter Reviewed by TechDr on 6:56 AM Rating: 5

Gold Movie Review: Akshay Kumar Wins Our Heart On Independence Day

6:51 AM

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Gold Movie Review: Akshay Kumar Wins Our Heart On Independence Day

The much awaited film Gold starring Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy has finally released today. The advanced booking of tickets showed the enthusiasm of the fans. The film is based about the India’s first win at the 1948 Olympics as an Independent India. Akshay Kumar plays Tapan Das who is the manager of first all Indian Hockey team.

image source

The film perfectly recreates the historic win of India at 1948 Olympics. It reflects that it was not just a game but their integrity and the free spirit after being suppressed by Britishers for over 200 years. The film begins in the time of 1936 when British ruled India was shining bright and won its third consecutive gold at the Berlin Olympics. However, the team was called British India and that is why the 1948 Olympics were important to represent the Free India.  And it all happened after a Bengali junior team manager of British India dared to form a new team in free India. His only dream was to see the Indian flag furling high on British land.

As always, Akshay brought life to the film. He perfectly donned the character of a Bengali wearing a dhoti and excelling in the accent. Mouni Roy plays the wife of Akshay Kumar and she was flawless in her brief appearance. Gold has marked her debut film in Bollywood.

image source

Gold is just not the film about hockey like Chak De India, but it also takes us on a ride to 70 years back. It showcases the painful partition of India and Pakistan in 1947.

A special attention was given to the costumes and production design as well. Overall, the film is a roller coaster ride which will make you emotional, feel proud, and would thrill you by the end during the final match. The film ‘Gold’ is actually Gold in content, acting, production, and cinematography.

image source

And the fact that the film has released on 15 August has just boosted the film on the box-office.

We give a 4 star to the film and would suggest it as the perfect film to watch today.

Published by Kanika Saini on 15 Aug 2018
Gold Movie Review: Akshay Kumar Wins Our Heart On Independence Day Gold Movie Review: Akshay Kumar Wins Our Heart On Independence Day Reviewed by NewsDr. on 6:51 AM Rating: 5

Chinese internet giant Tencent suffers a rare profit drop

4:56 AM

Tencent, Asia’s most valuable tech firm, delivered a surprise drop in profit on account of lower investment gains.

The firm recorded strong growth with revenue up 30 percent year-on-year to reach 73.7 billion RMB ($10.7 billion) in Q2 2018. But net profit slipped by two percent annually to reach 17.9 billion RMB, or around $2.6 billion.

That breaks a growth streak that stretches back more than a decade and, more crucially, it comes at a time of relative crisis for Tencent. The company became Asia’s first $500 billion tech business last November, but it has endured a torrid 2018 with its share price slipping more than 25 percent since a January highcontroversy around a banned game knocked it down further this week.

Gaming has always been Tencent’s strongest point — it helped the firm log a 60 percent profit jump in the previous quarter — but there are concerns.

Sources told Bloomberg that there has been a freeze in awarding game licenses in China as part of changing within the agency that approves them. That’s impacted mobile, PC and console and it has particularly rattled Tencent, which is one of the major players.

Not only did China clamp down on popular title Monster Hunt, but Tencent’s financial results show some slowing. Its PC gaming business recorded a five percent yearly drop to 12.9 billion RMB. The smartphone games business — which includes smash hits PUBG and Fortnite — posted 19 percent year-on-year growth to hit sales of 17.6 billion RMB, but that was done 19 percent on that previous blockbuster quarter.

“In China, DAU for our smartphone games grew at a double-digit rate year-on-year, but monetization per user declined as users shifted time to non-monetised tactical tournament games,” Tencent said in a filing.

The company has vowed to “reinvigorate” the mobile games until through a mix of more monetizing, deeper engagement and widening its selection on the market. The firm also said it will push its successful China games overseas, presumably into other parts of Asia where Tencent has seen traction and revenue before.

Those strategies will take some time to generate results, but for now the company said it is happy with user engagement, and particularly the daily gamer numbers.

That hasn’t impressed investors, who sent the stock price lower following the announcement of these financials.

Chinese internet giant Tencent suffers a rare profit drop Chinese internet giant Tencent suffers a rare profit drop Reviewed by NewsDr. on 4:56 AM Rating: 5
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